Hydro Dipping Service


We now offer a hydro dipping service. Please contact us for full details and pricing.


All parts will need to be full stripped ready for me to prime and paint, 


All items need painting before hydro-dipping to allow the ink from the film to fuse with the painted surface. Items must be clean, dent free, without cracks or any other type of damage  
Lacquer can take up to 2 weeks to fully harden and cure but can be handled and polished within a day or so. 
As a guide  here are some price's   
Small Trim Pieces 
from £35.00 
Medium Trim Pieces 
from £60.00 
Large Trim Pieces / Mouldings 
from £80.00 
Small Grilles 
from £80.00 
Large Grilles 
from £120.00 
Vents / Scoops 
from £70.00 
Small Dash Consoles 
from £90.00 
Large Dash Consoles 
from £120.00 
from £35.00 
Mirror Covers (Pair) 

from £70.00+

Examples of work.


DippedDipped Dipped